North Blanco County EMS

North Blanco County EMS placed our new LifePak 15 cardiac monitors into service today on all three of our ambulances. These new cardiac monitors bring much needed advanced/new technology that will be utilized to advance patient care and improve cardiac outcomes. We're so fortunate to have these monitors, and thank all involved for making this possible! Click read more for more information and photos!

From an operational standpoint the LifePak 15 is very similar to the LifePak 12, so the transition has been very smooth for our personnel. The difference lies in the expanded capabilities of the LifePak 15 to not only trend your patient's vital signs but to display those trends graphically on the screen.

In addition to trending vital signs, the LifePak 15 can monitor and graphically trend changes in our patient's ST segment elevation or depression and alert the crew when those changes persist. This data is important in identifying patients who are experiencing a heart attack before they arrive at the hospital. Other minor additions such as a CPR Metronome have improved the quality of compressions on cardiac arrest patients.

The LifePak 15 also allows for monitoring of temperature, which will be utilized in our upcoming induced hypothermia protocol.

The bluetooth communication feature allows our crews to import code summaries or vital signs trends directly into their computerized patient care report.

Best of all, the LifePak 15 is ruggedized. With this, we can expect a longer lifespan as these cardiac monitors go anywhere our staff go in the field!

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